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Bu Lao Yuan Wine Industry Co. Ltd

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  Brief Lntroduction Of Corporate

Bu Lao Yuan Wine Industry Co. Ltd locates in key national grain production base Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang is fertile province with black soil and original ecology. It has the most precious and advantaged soil resource. The superior natural conditions are beneficial to propagation of microorganisms and growth of raw material. The food grain everywhere in Heilongjiang provides our factory with rich brewing grain resource.

Bu Lao Yuan wine is the treasure that inherited from Guwalgiya ancestors during Kangxi Dynasty. It is real living fossil that inherited brewing Chinese culture thousands of years. It represents the Chinese medicine health that precipitated thousands of years during Kangxi Dynasty. Bu Lao Yuan wine is the traditional product in wine market of China.

Bu Lao Yuan wine of brewing pure grain combines with foreign brewing technology. This can make our wine quality and taste specially soft and mellow. You can feel unforgettable after you drink this kind of wine. Bu Lao Yuan wine is the best wine with elegance, taste and culture. You can serve VIP and give this kind of wine to your relatives as a gift.

The historical culture that our enterprise inherits combines with modern culture. We always take quality as life. We are willing to bring healthy Bu Lao Yuan wine to your hometown with the global people that understand wine. We can bring health and happiness to the people that drink Bu Lao Yuan wine.

Heilongjiang Province Bu Lao Yuan Wine Industry Co. Ltd image chain store global unified decoration style

Heilongjiang Province Bu Lao Yuan Wine Industry Co. Ltd is a brewing and manufacturing enterprise that has an export qualification. The products that we produce reach required standards of export. This is the picture that shipment at the harbor is sent abroad.

Bu Lao Yuan Wine National hotline is 4006511123. General manager hotline is 8645267777

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